[Product Updates] A better FirstHive from 2022


FirstHive as a team has strived to make the Customer Data Platform better for you. Here are some new ways in which you can benefit from the new skins of FirstHive.

  • Hyper-personalization
  • Trigger-based mechanism
  • Test and Control
  • Test and Control attribution
  • SMS Marketing Analytics
  • Snowflake cloud integration

Reduce your campaign efforts by 80% with FirstHive’s Hyper-Personalization

Hyper-Personalization is an advanced technology that enables Marketers to personalize campaigns beyond the general ‘Name’ personalization and can also factor in aspects like preferred content (Not just text but also images…Yes, images, you heard it right), preferred time, and preferred channel.

And the reason why Hyper-Personalization is way more critical to Marketers today as compared to their predecessor is because of the potential it carries to reduce their time and effort by 80% which otherwise they would have invested or rather wasted in the execution of recurring campaigns that are more manual led than system-driven. And yes, this definitely means that you will be left with more time and resources in hand to think about ways to upsell, cross-sell, acquire customers, retain customers, and everything that would satisfy the marketer in you.

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Plugging rewards in your Customer journey with Trigger-based mechanism

One of the exciting features of the FirstHive platform is the ability to seamlessly plug in digital reward mechanisms while orchestrating a user journey. With FirstHive, you have an option of pushing rewards at the right time during a user journey, in order to provide the end user with an additional incentive to drive the desired behavior. Be it completing the purchase, sharing positive word or a referral, you can automate the reward assignment process thereby enriching the Customer Experience.  To ensure that the experience is seamless and can be provided in real-time, FirstHive deploys a ‘trigger-based’ mechanism which allows for rewards in the form of loyalty points that can be exchanged for e-vouchers or UPI or Paytm money that can be pushed for instant use by the buyer. The overall experience is part of the integrated solution that FirstHive offers, thereby upping the ante on true Customer Delight.

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Increase your campaign effectiveness with our new Quality Control feature, a part of ‘Test and Control’ capability

With ‘Test and control’, you can ensure Quality checks when an automation is designed. How does it work?

The ‘test and control’ depends on the no.of customers entering the automation. A % of customers who enter the automation drill will be kept apart in the control group as specified by the marketer. The rest of the customers will be part of the test group and will be part of the automation workflow. They will flow through the different nodes in the automation.

Control group allows for evaluation of campaign effectiveness by comparing and testing customer response against a set criteria. This helps to control customers and identify the impact of the campaign.

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Know which customer segment to invest into with better attribution.

In no time, we made the ‘Test and control’ feature even better. Look out for the attribution enhancement capability of this feature. Now, you know who is actually responding to your campaigns. The earlier version supported all basic analytics that showcased, ‘how many segments were in test and control groups?’

The enhanced feature can also provide attribution while in test.

Attribution Enhancement – Test and control attribution

The ‘test and control’ feature allows for direct and indirect attribution. This can be set up by you as a D-I-Y FirstHive user. Here is how these two types of attribution work.

Direct attribution: If your customer or prospect ends up converting while in session then, it is defined as direct attribution.

Indirect attribution: If your customer or prospect after a point in time who is not in session, responds to the last campaign, then it is defined as an indirect attribution. For eg: If someone  opened the first email, the last communication within the campaign will be the attribution.

Using this enhanced attribution capability, you can be set up on all sessions of digital events and digital properties. You can configure conversion definitions and use the platform to show attributes.

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SMS Marketing Analytics

Check out your FirstHive dashboard’s SMS module. Now, you have better access to SMS campaign data. You can download the SMS report as a sheet and share it with your teams. It also allows you to save time in recreating a segment over and over again for different campaigns.

  • See and reactivate archived segments.
  • Show all the archived segments and bring them back for easy and quick setup.

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Build Analytical Models using First-Party Data

A lot of users who are using the platform explore analytics. With FirstHive, you can build your own analytical models with better access and management of the first-party data. How did we make this happen?

We have enabled access on Snowflake cloud data instances. All this in just under a minute! The turnaround of those instances is very fast and easy-to-use for your business analytics and BI teams.

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