Bringing down time to access customer data from 90 mins to 2 mins – How did FirstHive achieve this with SnowFlake?

Chief Product Officer

Snowflake and Firsthive

It was a double-edged sword effect that the product team at FirstHive achieved by partnering with SnowFlake. We not only brought down the time to access data from 90 minutes to a mere 2 minutes, but also reduced the cost per customer.  

How did we achieve both time and cost savings? 

We constantly look for ways in which we can build better efficiencies within FirstHive CDP modules. This led us to add SnowFlake as a data layer to improve our Customer Analytics module. We moved away from My Sql cluster and employed SnowFlake. Within our Customer Analytics module, we wanted our customers to get direct and real-time access to raw data. Most of our customer teams use such information to activate data for marketing campaigns as well as to build more intelligent models. 

Reduced cost per customer 

With the first deployment itself, it helped us bring down the cost while the other variables remained the same. The variable cost model by SnowFlake helped us reduce the cost per customer.  

In this process FirstHive has been able save on per customer spend on different workloads based on utilization.  

Quicker access to customer data 

With the former technology scalability was a challenge which caused delay in access to real-time data. Our client was not willing to wait too long. And this turned out to be great for us to improve our product, enabling risk mitigation. With SnowFlake, we have seen an increase in speed to access up to 5 to 8X based on the complexity of the activity.  

This translated into improved quality of service (QoS) and improved the query resolution timings. 

Final Impact passed onto our customers 

The ability to scale also enabled FirstHive to enjoy a cost advantage which was passed on to our clients in the form of a flexi-pricing structure. FirstHive has been able to save per customer spend on different workloads based on utilization. This has allowed us to activate pay-as-you-go model for our customers to meet their dynamic data needs. 

Future Product Roadmap 

Using SnowFlake, we have seen immediate results in reduced time to access data and cost per customer. But we also see a bright roadmap for FirstHive as a matured Customer Data Platform. This technology integration has helped us build enhanced analytics feature layers as a part of the architecture which are being used right away and some are under development. 

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