Launching a new look and feel with an altered FirstHive Design System

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FH Design System

We launched FirstHive back in 2016 with a view to revolutionize the way marketers look at marketing and explore the limits of first-party data management. Since then, we have been delivering it and now even more. Our user interface (UI) has been evolving with a view to improve the usability of the platform. We are now in the process of rolling out a transformed user interface for a customer-focused impact, as a precursor to major updates planned in the product over the next few quarters.

We have built this on the foundations of a brand new Design System formulated to deliver a better customer experience

What is a Design System?

A Design system is basically a way to ensure consistency and organize all the visual content assets. Simply put, it is a way of organizing the new brand identity of any product, in a seamless, repeatable manner.

Why are we doing this?

Looking at our platform data and after speaking to many users of FirstHive, we realized that there was work to be done in a couple of key areas – viz. improving the platform UX (User experience) and aiding accessibility, in line with global best practices. This redesign is a step in that direction, with major releases being worked on over the next few quarters.

So, what is changing?

The post-login look and feel, including but not limited to, the interface colors, elements, fonts, et al.

What does it mean for me as a user?

You will experience an all-new interface on your login to your FirstHive account in terms of UI elements, colors, and prevalent design themes. This is in line with upcoming design trends, with a key focus on platform usability and accessibility, in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) standards. 

In due course, we plan to enhance some workflows and add new features, but that is a topic for another blog post.

When will I see the new system?

We are in the process of rolling out the updates in the new styles and front end architecture over the next few weeks. We are also planning a roadshow and webinar over the next few weeks to walk our customers through the same, with detailed sessions over the next couple of months. 

Do keep an eye out for these and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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