Quick recap of FirstHive in 2020

Director Customer Marketing and Brand Strategy

FirstHive’s Year in Review


How did we fare in the year that has been really challenging to many?

So, was it for us. 

Despite all the hardships, what makes us celebrate a 2020 throwback is the grit of our team and the love from our customers to stick with FirstHive as their preferred customer data platform. We have grown in bounty, thanks to our expanded and re-structured org, new partners, customers, and the industry’s recognition. We are happy to state that Customers not just stayed with us but also got more value from us.

It was a reassuring experience to see our customers stick around with us. But, we remained pleasantly surprised to see an increase in end-customer engagement. The number of licensed events grew by 3X. We witnessed customers increasing their event subscriptions at FirstHive to drive more and more engagement with their end customers.

Event utilization grew by 9X. There was overwhelming utilization of events by our customers which means Brands drove higher engagement with their customers. 

Product rehash during the lockdown

FirstHive enhanced Data Management capabilities. We partnered with Streamsets, the Modern Data Integration for the Data to enable seamless ingestion of big data from structured sources and to easily push data back to source destinations.

Some of the other Product Enhancement milestones for FirstHive are: 

Hyper personalization

We introduced Hyper-personalization, an advanced tech feature in email campaigns that delivered great UX as it saved the time of platform users i.e; Marketers. This functionality allows Marketer to send an email to different users with different content by configuring just one email campaign in FirstHive. It also ensures that the content relevance is driven without the marketer going through the pain of creating multiple campaigns.

Milestone-based shopper gratification 

We introduced milestone-based automatic points assignment in our Reward Engine – Worldswipe. We enabled our Customers to embed gratification logic while designing the user journey for their shoppers.

Cross-channel campaign management

We got on a high-speed enhancement of our automation module to deliver a great user experience (UX).

New channels for campaign interaction

Considering the need of the marketers to engage with their 24×7 Customers, we added Whatsapp and Chatbot as campaign channels in the campaign module.

We won friends, extended partners

Our engagement with the CDP Institute strengthened. We were a part of the inaugural report named ‘State of CDP in APAC’. We also engaged with them for a validation exercise for getting listed as ‘Real CDP’.

We also happen to be one of the eight startups who got selected for Dubai’s DIFC Fintech Hive Accelerator Program.

We don’t like to brag, but we are humbled to receive so many recognitions

This is humbling and yet encouraging to see our team win awards for FirstHive. Here is a long list.

  • TiE 50 Silicon Valley
  • Customer Fest (3 Awards)
    1. Champions of the Champions – Loyalty Program of the Year Award
    2. Best Influencer Management Platform Award
    3. Most Innovative Loyalty Program Of the Year Award
  • Maddie’s Best Use of App for Marketing Award
  • Popular magazine Enterprise World recognized FirstHive’s Founder CEO Aditya Bhamidipaty as the Path Breaking Tech Innovators to watch in 2020

Some Key Wins

What do a Global Fund Management company, a leading Life & General Insurance company in Asia, an Indian NBFC, the World’s leading Automobile Battery Manufacturer, India’s top ethnic fashion brand, and a Latin American Airline Company have in common you ask? 

They all selected FirstHive as their partner of choice to drive their data and marketing objectives this year. 

The FirstHive family grew by 70%

We now cater to new markets and solve many interesting data problems. We stepped in the Middle East market via the DIFC Fintech Accelerator program. 

  1. In order to add value to the Customer, we invested and introduced an independent Campaign Ops team as well as did a heavy ramp-up in Tech Support and DevOps team. We also introduced a Solution Specialist to help brands leverage FirstHive and enhanced delivery by strengthening our Implementation management capacity
  2. When the initial wave of Pandemic hit us, we immediately adapted to remote working style and invested in infrastructure so that our employees could conveniently work remotely. This also enabled our employees to work from their hometown which ensured Work Life Balance as they were now spending more time with their family and had families to support them mentally as well as with the daily chores
  3. Increased our sales team capacity in the US market


We see more coming in 2021. Lets #MakeMarketingGreatAgain

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