FirstHive Cross-Channel Marketing Platform is now Live!


The way consumers and brands interact with each other is evolving. While a large brand would try and achieve the capability to track and analyse the data generated across the multitude of touchpoints, smaller brands and businesses struggle with far more basic concerns. The SMEs are not typically involved in tracking millions of consumer transactions but are more involved in how to have a more meaningful engagement with the set of prospects or customer leads that they possess. Optimising their Marketing ROI is of prime focus while higher conversions and retentions are obviously the goal. This is where a platform like FirstHive DIY comes into play.

While this technology was currently exclusive to the domain of very large global brands, with the launch of the Beta of the FirstHive DIY product, the same technology is now available for SMEs globally. This  means that a small or medium business owner or marketer, be it across retail, hospitality, or professional services, can utilize this product. The marketers can now leverage the power of cross-channel marketing to improve their customer experience, and in turn, improve their top and bottom lines.


What does this mean for Email marketing? 

Remember the time that you would send out bulk mails to your entire prospect list and pray for a conversion. This was independent of whether the prospect was interested in your product, whether the prospect had ever engaged with you on this channel, when was the best time to send someone a mail, or thinking about if there was a better way to nudge this user towards your business objective.

FirstHive enables actionable dashboards and intelligence pulled out across channels to enable you to get the optimal target list to send a campaign.  The built-in segmentation tool ensures that you send out the communication only to the relevant recipients, who may have a higher propensity to convert as compared to others.

What does this mean for SMS marketing?

In a nutshell, it implies that a global reseller sitting in Jakarta can engage with his customers using multiple local long codes and still ensure complete control over the communication going out to his customers, while receiving comprehensive dashboards and reports. Or that a UK-based travel business will coordinate with all their US partners, using a local US long code, while viewing all interactions in a consolidated dashboard. SMS marketing has never been simpler.


What does this mean for social media channels management?

Simple, single interface management of all your social conversations – this is what FirstHive means for social channel management. Use FirstHive for engaging with your customers and followers across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, while maintaining a unified dashboard view to help you gauge the most effective channel, depending on your objectives.

We have just unveiled the first curtain of many. The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But we have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep.

So, have you thought about setting up your FirstHive?

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