Multi-channel Data Intelligence to Connect with your Customers in Real Time


Marketing is evolving from campaigns to customer experiences

The customer is evolving and so is marketing and marketing tools. Marketing is rapidly approaching to what marketers have often dreamt about: real-time customer engagement. The entire customer experience is being optimized across channels, by messages and offers, social posts and by time. In the last decade, marketing environment has seen major technological shifts and developments. Marketers are getting experimental with different marketing tools and strategies to get the maximum share from the customers and drive engagement. But, we still see companies investing in traditional marketing mediums – which though is not bad, but probably means companies missing out on a massive market!


FirstHive as a complete marketing automation system

Multi channel data intelligence

The fundamental driver of real time marketing is data and determining what data is effective and how you view the data to drive insights. This requires data driven marketing technologies to enable brands to map their complete customer life cycle across channels. FirstHive brings this multichannel data intelligence and real time customer engagement to the industry. This is Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment that enables value proposition using cloud computing.

Online and offline data integration  

FirstHive marketing automation platform captures your offline and online customer interaction history, including unstructured data. Not many marketing automation systems are capable of doing that. As a result, these systems cannot create a complete customer profile that cannot be leveraged by marketing managers to track the customer journey.

Relevant, Targeted campaigns

FirstHive marketing platform enables you to go much deeper on segmentation while publishing to multiple channels. Customer intelligence by FirsHive makes the part of your closed loop sales and marketing system, enabling B2B and B2C marketers to sift through huge amounts of complex customer data to identify relevant data, creating buying opportunities in real-time at different phases of the customer journey.

Real Time Social Dashboards   

Social media management by FirstHive is the key to being monetized through real-time cross-channel marketing. Real time cross-channel marketing takes these conversations and customer interactions, through a marketing platform with listening capabilities, and makes them part of customer profiles that can then be contextualized in campaigns to drive the right offer in real-time.

Innovative Solutions and Functionalities by FirstHive

  • Support of structured and unstructured data from live data sources and offline data loading
  • Capability to listen to customer interactions through all digital channels, regardless of the type of data and interaction
  • Segmentation of online data using system defined tags and offline data through user defined tags for optimized and targeted campaign designing and launch in multichannel SaaS based platform
  • Supports real-time optimization that includes the processing, analytics, and optimized preferences of customer engagement data in real-time
  • Real-time Customer Engagement using Big data and data sciences integration
  • Insights that includes basic segmentation, data visualization process, complementing marketing strategy and execution
  • A marketing automation/ cross channel campaign management platform that enables marketers to build audiences and publish once across many channels, simultaneously based on transactional, behavioral and lifecycle conditions.

A representation of the customer journey and the choices she has.


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