Customer Seeks Attention? Marketing Automation Can Help!


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Let’s call spade a spade. Customers are pure divas. They need constant attention which is only logical today when 20 other competitors are trying to woo them for their wallet share. And God, how we love to provide them the royal treatment they deserve!

We, at FirstHive, have noticed every possible way customers can try to get in touch with the brand. After thorough market research (and our own experience with our customers), we have crafted a smart automation function, built in to our FirstHive application, that helps brands to keep the customers feel welcomed across touch-points, automatically.

Follow up with them when they subscribe to your newsletters. Prepare a proper on-boarding series of mailers when you get a new sign-up. Send a reminder communication when they are away for specific period of time. Notify them of their wishlist or pending items in the shopping cart. Ping them when they are near to their subscription renewal date. Wish them on their special days. Surprise them with offers based on their activities. All automated.

FirstHive brings you a powerful marketing communication tool, topped with an excellent marketing automation module. You can build advance communication flow with simple drag and drop flow builder, set number of rules and conditions and set specific campaigns for specific scenarios. You can also add lead scoring based on your lead’s behaviour and visualize the lead funnel based on the scoring.

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The most interesting part of this entire exercise is that with FirstHive, you can go across multiple channels to reach out to your leads with automated communication. Let me cite an example. You can automate an ‘Introduction’ email to the people who have liked your page on Facebook. You can again set up a “discount offer” SMS text after a week to those who did not respond to your email. You see, how the chances of customer engagement has sharply risen just because you have an option of covering multiple channels in your marketing automation. All this happening in the backend while you’re sipping Blue Hawaii in Hawaii.

Following our same old goal of making a marketer’s life easy, we are constantly updating our platform with exciting features. We welcome you to try out a hand on and see if it goes in line with your marketing objectives. Send us your feedback or request a demo at [email protected]. We are excited with what we have developed. Hope you will be too.

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