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FirstHive Customer Data Platform

There are over 161 Customer Data Platforms (CDP) across the world by the end of 2022. From among such a vast universe of CDPs, how can you choose what works for you. “Suit my Use cases” might be your immediate response. But there is another critical metric that determines the success of your decision. It is “time to implement and data activation”. There are many other factors that would determine how to achieve the shortest time to implementing your CDP into action. 

FirstHive is designed to kickstart the usage of your Customer Data Platform in the nimblest way possible. The checklist of factors that we are going to share here will also be a great blueprint to choose the best Customer Data Platform.

Factors to choose the Best Customer Data Platform for Data-driven marketing organizations 

700+ ready-to-ingest connectors 

“Is your CDP compatible with my existing MarTech Stack?”

Your optimized MarTech stack will remain intact without the threat of non-compatibility. This is because we have connectors and APIs that can be deployed to ingest data into the CDP. These connectors allow continuous flow of data. This keeps data enrichment and data activation happen in real-time instead of waiting for your data team to filter and draw the data. 

Dev to Dev onboarding environment 

“My marketing doesn’t understand code. How do you help?”

There is more than one way to solve this. Our solutions team can work with your developer team to implement any customizations. On the other hand, if you choose the custom implementation to be done by us, we can also do that for you, keeping it code-free for marketers.

Modularized value fields 

“My field values and attributes are different. How long does it take to implement them?”

Mapping fields is a tricky affair. The value fields and nomenclature are unique to the sector that your business operates within. Not just the standard fields, but many other sector-specific fields have been updated into the platform. If you belong to the travel sector, we have fields around ticketing, booking, cancellations, itineraries, and so on added to the dashboard. Similarly, if you have e-commerce or retail solutions, we have pre-configured fields that take in shopper data around checkout, product preferences, and cart value.

A supported Campaign Ops team

“Will the investment on CDP be failed if we can’t use the customer data?”

This has been one of the major concerns for those considering investing in a Customer Data Platform. If you cannot activate the data that has been enriched and organized, your investment seems futile. Therefore, FirstHive equips its customers with a campaign ops team that understands the technology as well as your team’s needs. 

Why is FirstHive the best Customer Data Platform? 

FirstHive is designed to support cross-functional teams. It supports your marketing teams, customer success teams, data teams, and sales teams with unified customer profiles. They are identified by IDs and profiled using deterministic and probabilistic methods.  

The speed to implementation is in 4 weeks which provides a faster ROI on the investment that you made on the CDP. Your data enrichment insights are delivered in real-time as soon as the ingestion is updated.

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