Capterra: FirstHive is One of the Top 20 Most Affordable Marketing Automation Software

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It has been a month of recognitions for FirstHive. First, it was Scott Brinker, from, who had put us in the Marketing Technology Landscape under “Marketing automation and campaign/lead management” category (second year in a row). Then awarded us with couple of accolades – Rising Star 2017 and Great User Experience 2017. And a week later, the news is from the house of Gartner’s Capterra that announced FirstHive to be in the Top 20 list of all the affordable marketing automation software in the world.

Capterra, as we all know, is one of the best technology review website that there is. They are known for their extensive research and listing capabilities. They have obviously drilled down FirstHive to check the working functionalities and its subscription plans according to the market requirements. The badge gives us validation that we are doing something right.

FirstHive is affordable, yes. But it is not short of any great marketing automation platform under the sun. FirstHive has got all the meat and metal to streamline all your marketing efforts. Not just marketing automation, FirstHive will act as a central brain of your marketing where you get control of everything happening with your customer engagements across multiple channels.

This badge is first of many for FirstHive. Thanks Capterra for the recognition.


We are FirstHive, a bunch of passionate people who are determined to streamline your cross channel marketing efforts.We believe, marketing shall not be a shot in the dark, but an informed rational action. Our proprietary algorithm enables marketers to view integrated customer data collected from across multiple channels, helping them take better decisions.

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