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“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete.
You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.”
— Edmund Hillary

Every achiever, who sets on a voyage, sets a goal for herself. Our goal, at FirstHive, is to immensely empower all the marketers in the world, making them superheroes in customer engagement. And we are inching towards that goal one step at a time by working hard and adding new, relevant features in our product every week.

If you’re still reading, you know that this blog is going to be a bit of self-boasting 🙂 But it’s all for you. As somebody once said – “If YOU look good, WE look good”. So if our marketing platform gets more and more powerful, your job gets easier and easier.

Let’s get into the real stuff now — What have we added this week that makes our application stronger and deserves to be highlighted for you!

Integration with Zoho CRM:

Today, your marketing and sales team work in silos. Yet, they target the same customer and maybe with a different brand promise and delivery. It’s only logical that these two customer-facing groups come into contact and share data with each other. If your sales rep can read your customer insights from marketing campaigns, or if you can know about your customer’s activities in the sales process, you both will be able to align your messages and create a personalized targeting for that particular customer. That increases chances of the customer coming on board.

This week, we’ve enabled that feature for you. We’ve integrated our product, FirstHive, with Zoho CRM, an online customer relationship management tool, that will bring your marketing and sales activities in alignment with each other. The sync between two applications will allow you to maintain a single, up-to-date version of contact and lead management.

To know more about the functions and applications of this integration, request a free, personal demo here.

Pull contacts from Outlook & Hotmail:

Together with Google, FirstHive now also enables you to pull in your contact’s data from Outlook and Hotmail into the marketing application. This feature comes in handy if you have a professional contact base in Outlook or Hotmail, which you can import into FirstHive and create a target customer database. You may then use this database to execute your email marketing campaigns, and subsequently, keep track of your campaign metrics in real-time.

Optimize SMS with Bitly:

FirstHive’s another very meaningful integration this week was with Bitly, a URL shortener and link management platform. Bitly will help SMS campaign creators to shorten links and provide space for more brand-centric message accommodation in the text. This will make sure that you don’t miss out on any important pitch due to character limits.

Pull data from Facebook, Twitter:

When you manage your social media accounts in FirstHive, you now get this option of fetching your Twitter followers and Facebook fans into the application. The data will be stored as a respective customer database. Now, when you trigger a campaign targeting them, you will be able to track their behavior in real-time.

Email re-marketing:

What is your follow-up activity after email marketing? You analyze your campaign data, see click-open rates and wait for conversions. What if you want to boost conversions by emailing again but only to those who are interested and opened your mail? How do you do that? Well, with FirstHive, that’s not a problem anymore. You can now create a specific data list of customers on particular metrics like – ‘Open rate’ & ‘Click rate’. This will strengthen your follow-up activity and ensure more conversions.
With more intelligence we are incorporating into our e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing in FirstHive, more focused and targeted our modern-age marketing is becoming. Industry analysis shows that most of the marketing efforts go in vain just because the marketer is not able to identify its target customer. At FirstHive, we believe in helping you identify and collect your target customers. A major part of our efforts goes behind creating powerful customer insights for you to take better decisions.

We’ll keep on inching towards the goal we mentioned in the beginning of this blog. Till then, take a look at what we have built, and how it can help you streamline your marketing activities. Take a 14-day free trial, test the application, design and execute few campaigns and you’ll know how simple and incredible a marketing software can be.

If you have any comments, feel free to leave them in the section below. Also, if you know a fellow marketer who could use a multi-channel marketing tool, spread the word 🙂

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