Introducing the Star of Mobile Marketing : Voice Message Marketing!


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Since mobile phones have become digital extensions of a human body, Mobile marketing sits in the core of marketing strategy among every marketing team. We, at FirstHive, understands how crucial mobile marketing is, and thus we have strengthen our intelligence in reaching out to the customers over mobile phones. Today, we launch our targeted voice message marketing feature. Voice message marketing is an upgrade to your regular SMS marketing, for a simple reason that it comes with a human touch, human voice.

Voice broadcast campaigns are known to improve customer engagement and experiences, providing it is used smartly and within the guidelines of federal do-not-call regulations. There are several business use-cases for automated voice call, such as appointment reminders, shipment delay notices, and policy changes that customers doesn’t mind receiving. Voice calls adds a level of warmth and interaction that an email or text message cannot – it delivers a recorded human voice. And that alone can help improve relationships over a cold text message. To guide your use of voice broadcast we offer the following best practices:

  • Crisp Quality Script: Note down what you need to convey, modify the copy to eliminate unnecessary words and information. Focus on the facts. Keep the message under 30 seconds if possible – recipients start to tune out after 20 seconds of listening.
  • Voice Quality: The voice should be clear, strong, and friendly sounding. Since long-pauses increases the chances of hang-ups, avoid statics and pauses in your message. Make sure you have a good quality recording. You may also consider hiring a voice talent agency. Also, messages from the business owner or CEO can be very powerful and well received.
  • Post Call Activity:Don’t forget to mention your web address or toll free support line where customers can go for additional information.
  • Include a Replay Option. At the end of the body of the message, include an option for recipients to press a key to replay the message, especially if important information, dates, times or numbers are included in the message.
  • Time of Day: Avoid scheduling early morning calls, and calls after 9 pm. Create mid-day campaigns, if you want to target more answering machine deliveries. As per the industry standard, more people are supposed to answer the call between 6.30-8.30 pm. Avoid calling during the dinner hour if possible.
  • Allow for Opt-Out: FCC rules require that recipients be given the opportunity to opt-out of future calls. FirstHive supports a touch-tone opt-out flag, try it.
  • Connect to a Sales Guy: Consider including an option to connect to a live agent if there is a chance that the recipient will have questions or options based on call, such as “press 1 if you wish to speak with our executive.”
  • Follow the Rules! The FCC publishes explicit rules on the use of recorded voice messaging in conjunction with commercial and non-profit campaigns. Check the FCC website frequently for updates (

Voice Broadcast feature is a new feather in FirstHive’s cap, and we are proud to present FirstHive as one-stop-platform for all your marketing needs, be it web, mobile or social. Try out voice message campaign and share your feedback in the comment section below. Happy Marketing!

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