How Hospitals Are Winning Big at The Marketing War


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Healthcare industry is booming with the advance technology, not just in medical science but also in marketing. Hospitals have realized how important it is to keep a steady contact with their patients. With a smart marketing routine set in place, you may keep your patients in touch by sending them regular updates on their health, tips on being fit, free check up offers etc.

Check out some use-cases below: (Even if you’re not into healthcare, I’m sure you’d totally relate to the use-cases mentioned).

Use-case 1: Maria had her sugar level checked last week. It was not threatening but was certainly above normal. Doctor was kind and advised her to stay away from sugary products for next couple of weeks. While Maria was on her no-sugar routine, she got this text from the hospital.
Message for healthcare

Use-case 2: John visits AM Clinic every 6 months for his Complete Blood Check-up or CBC.  His appointment is auto-generated by the hospital and he gets a reminder one week before the appointment. This way John never misses his appointment and is very satisfied with the clinic.
Reminder for CBC

Use-case 3: Jackson was struggling to lose his weight for last two months. He did workout but couldn’t manage to outrun the last pound.  While Facebooking one day, he stumbled upon an article shared by a friend on how to reduce weight by correcting the diet plan.

Jackson loved the blog and found to be very practical and doable on his routine. He filled up the form to see the dietitian and received an acknowledgement via SMS.

Social appointment

So you see, how hospitals today are keeping in touch with their patients by using variety of channels like Email, SMS and Social Media etc. Also, the use-cases presented are very basic for readers easy consumption. More complex use-cases are created today to get connected with the customers.

Why hospitals are doing this, you ask? See, they need their patients to feel pampered. It’s like extending ‘Care’ beyond the walls of your hospital. That’s Healthcare in true sense. This is where all the industries, not just healthcare, are ready to spend as part of their marketing budget.

And I’m sure you’d agree that the word-of-mouth marketing works more strongly in the healthcare industry, and you may strengthen the loyalty of your patients by extending that extra care they deserve.

In all the above use-cases, there was a minimal effort put-up by the hospital staff. It was all auto generated communications designed so beautifully that it keeps customer engaged as a human would do. AM Clinic uses our product, FirstHive for their automated communications.

What are we doing? We are providing marketing technological support to these hospitals via FIRSTHIVE.

FirstHive is a web-based application that manages and automates your communication with your customers. You may trigger Email marketing, SMS marketing and Social media posts, all right from the application.

If you’re using the same strategy as AM Clinic, do share some instances where you’re communicating with your customers, automated based on rules and behavioral trigger.

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