FirstHive in The Marketing Technology Landscape 2016


Marketing Tech Landscape

It’s one feeling to work day in and day out to build a beautiful piece of marketing software, and it’s another feeling to see our work gets recognized. Oh, wait! It’s the same feeling.. Or maybe an ‘cause and effect’ feeling.. Well, whatever, it feels great! Yay!

FirstHive gets highlighted in the Marketing Technology Landscape 2016, under ‘Advocacy, Loyalty and Referral’ category.

Okay.. let’s break this news down a bit.

What is this landscape about?

Scott Brinker, the editor of Chief Marketing Technologist blog –, compiles this amazing list of major players in the world of marketing technology every year. We can only imagine the amount of hard work goes behind putting together a big list of marketing technology solutions, categorically. It serves as a great resource for the marketers around the world.

Is it a big deal?

This mention is a big deal to us, for a couple of obvious reasons. This is the first formal FirstHive mention in an independent analyst’s blogpost. Also, we are building a software which is only good if marketers across industries know about it. This landscape-mention puts us on the map.

What category are we in?

FirstHive has been featured under “Advocacy, Loyalty, and Referral” category which is amazing since generating a good word-of-mouth is the primary goal of all marketing strategies and software. If we have been recognized for that category, we must be doing something right. Also, as Scott mentions in his blog, “I know, most of these categories are extremely broad… My goal with this landscape is to give you the 50,000-foot overview of the entire space — which forced a trade-off with granularity.” To make the category granular for FirstHive, we also fall into the Marketing automation and campaign/lead management category, email marketing category, social media marketing category and even business/customer intelligence and data science category.

Why should you care?

FirstHive mention in the ‘supergraphic’ qualifies our solution to be the next-gen marketing software, made for modern-day marketers. The ability of the application to perform cross-channel marketing and consolidate useful customer data from across channels helps marketers to  strategize marketing campaigns in a way that generates more customer engagement. One major way to gain this is through reading a particular customer’s data, and create a personalized message for her, increasing the chances of word-of-mouth promotions. The landscape correctly identifies this ability of FirstHive by highlighting us under ‘Advocacy, loyalty and referral’ category.

Marketing technology is a fascinating space and it’s a big responsibility to be a part of this. We seek to empower marketers around the globe with latest innovative marketing technologies. The Marketing Technology Landscape 2016 was our first official recognition, first of many to come. Still, our customers will be our greatest driving force, always!

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