Social Media Task List For Fast Growing Businesses!

Chief Product Officer

Growing up, businesses can’t afford to be dormant on social media. Imagine you do everything right on SEO, people have started to find you on Google search results, they visit your website, clicks on Twitter plugin and finds out that you only got 150 followers. That is putting your business in “Very-small-to-work-with” category.

If you’re still figuring out how to go about your social media marketing, let me help you with this blog. Thank me later.

Sidenote: Before we get started with listing out tasks, please note that the work items are for those business who wants to grow on social media, quickly and organically. So to say, growing aggressively.

Facebook Tasklist Google+ Tasklist Instagram Tasklist LinkedIn Tasklist Pinterest Tasklist Reddit Tasklist Twitter Tasklist YouTube Tasklist

The task list has been created as per industry standard and after we have spoken to hundreds on social media experts. Some tasks can be tiring and can take a lot of time. Marketers generally use tools like FirstHive to schedule posts and manage channels.

Hope this blogpost helps your social media profiles and subsequently, your business.

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