Why A Customer Data Platform Is A Marketer’s Central Brain?

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CDPs have been able to lead a marketer by principles that revolve around enhancing customer experience, adding business intelligence, ease to scale up with increasing data, eliminate time-consuming and information-blocking dependencies, automate multiple systems and get them to talk to each other.

Here’s why you will agree that a Customer Data Platform is a marketer’s central brain of all marketing systems of intelligence.

The only system to get access to ALL data

A CDP is the only system that gets access to all data of an enterprise that is relevant to the marketer, viz. Data from all the systems of interaction, systems of engagement, or systems of record that the brand might be using. In addition, if the CDP is able to intelligently use Machine  Learning to uniquely identify customers across the disparate datasets, then the brand marketer now gets enhanced access to the customer’s behavior across channels and in various contexts. This obviously becomes a treasure trove of information around customer behavior and enables the first principles of marketing, that the brand can expect a better response to their campaigns if they are able to be relevant and contextual in their messaging to the customer.

Eliminate Guesswork & Risky Experimentation

CDPs extract, assemble and organize data from all marketing sources of information and interaction to enrich customer identities. Assimilating first-hand information to identify each and every customer across the marketing universe of channel interaction eliminates guesswork in the process of creating a hypothesis. Experimentation for a marketer, in such a scenario, would be led by validated information of first-hand and real customer interactions. Intelligent CDPs also make their way through to include offline touchpoints, apart from the digital ones.

Eliminate Dependencies Of A Marketer

CDP is in literal terms a sigh of relief to the marketer. This is because marketers get rid of many bottlenecks and dependencies that cause the delay in executing or optimizing a campaign, or providing a better experience to the customer in real-time.

No IT dependency

Technology is far too often dealt with the tech teams within an organization. Technology configurations, platform integrations are determined by the availability of tech support and resources. A CDP is powered to implement quick integrations and provides services for seamless custom configurations. This makes the marketing team more independent while adding technologies that add to enhance customer experience.

No Data dependency

Data teams use bulky technologies to support different data needs of multiple departments and teams within the organization. Marketing teams need to adhere to the organization’s priorities while extracting data. Data arriving through this route is not always first-hand and in-time to support the dynamic campaigns led by a marketer.

CDPs empower marketers to extract data from all known and unknown sources of information and first-hand interaction of customer from across all marketing channels. This helps the marketer not lose a single detail, hence, enabling them to deliver better communication, personalize the experience through the journey, and build better customer relationships even at a large scale.

Seamless Automation

Marketing campaign automation is not new to a marketer. Automation of personalization using triggers and rules has added advantage to a marketer’s charm. A CDP brings the capability to automate in both contexts. But, the beauty lies in automating the unthought. Intelligent and Cognitive CDPs can also automate customer segmentation, customer identification, cohort management, predictions, and more.

Better Customer Relationships

The heart behind the existence of a CDP is to build better customer relationships despite the existence of scattered points-of-interactions, and fragmented cohorts. Scale and speed do not stifle the performance of a CDP. Stating which, the core of your business that matters to higher LTV and ROI — your customer relationships are taken care of.

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